Comprehensive Obstetrics Care
Serving Lancaster, PA

Lancaster Physicians for Women is a practice of five board-certified female physicians who are with you from preconception counseling through prenatal care all the way through to your delivery and your postpartum care.

At LPW, our physicians provide the full scope of your coverage and care, including routine pregnancies and complicated high-risk pregnancies. We work closely with you to support your desires and decisions throughout your prenatal course as well as during your labor and your delivery.

We strive to provide the best possible care for our patients. We deliver exclusively at Lancaster Women and Babies Hospital. Our office is right next door for your convenience.

If you have questions about getting pregnant, have had trouble getting pregnant, or have suffered a loss, please call our office to schedule an appointment to discuss and further evaluate as needed.

Appointments During Your Pregnancy

At LPW, we strongly emphasize the importance of proper medical care throughout your entire pregnancy.

Here is an overview of the care schedule you can expect during a typical pregnancy:

  First Visit

When you first become pregnant, call our office and let us know the good news! Our nurses may schedule an early visit prior to your routine OB visits to review your health history. You will then be scheduled for a visit with our OB nurse to review your pregnancy and any health history or initial concerns you may have, as well as have your prenatal labs ordered.

  Ongoing Visits

Your doctor will typically see you on a monthly basis for the first 28 weeks of your pregnancy. Your visits will then be twice per month until 36 weeks. After that we begin to see you weekly until your delivery.

A typical visit will include measurement of your blood pressure and weight, uterine size, and the fetal heartbeat. We will also evaluate and assess any significant events since your last visit, like recent travel, new stressors, depression, or infection risk. Some women with uncomplicated medical and obstetrical histories may be seen less frequently. Women with problems may be seen more frequently.

  Testing / Screening

At 24-28 weeks we will recommend blood work to screen for gestational diabetes. This test may be ordered earlier in the pregnancy if you have any risk factors for gestational diabetes. We will also check your blood count to assess for anemia as your iron and folate requirements increase during pregnancy. If your blood type is Rh negative we will check an antibody screen and administer a Rhogam shot. This may also be necessary if you have any bleeding earlier in the pregnancy.

At 35-37 weeks we will recommend screening for Group B streptococcus with a swab of the vaginal and rectal areas.

What Our Patients are Saying:

"Of course I love going to LPW because they gave me wonderful care when I was pregnant and they were so nice to me when I gave birth to Wyatt last year. Today I am a healthy 20 year old with a healthy 1 year old... that's due in part to LPW. I would recommend them to anyone who asked me."
Brianna Moore

to schedule your appointments. We look forward to welcoming your new arrival into the world!

  We're Always Here for You!

One of our physicians is available 24 hours/7 days per week to help you if you have an emergency or concerning issue after office hours. We will help you determine the best way to manage your question, either at home, the office, or the hospital. Throughout your pregnancy you should always notify your doctor of any concerns, including but not limited to vaginal bleeding, leaking fluid from your vagina, decreased fetal movement, pain or contractions, severe headaches or vision changes.